Software Engineer Intern

    Working on servers in the cloud infrastructure team, primarily focussed on billing and quota of internal cloud resources. Go/Kubernetes.

    Software Engineer Intern

    Worked on Remote Vehicle Assistance, integrating latency-sensitive features for remote operators to monitor/intervene when the Autonomous Vehicle is unable to proceed. C++.

    Software Engineer Intern

    Worked on a C/C++ matching engine/quote aggregator, with a multi-threaded epoll server. Server communicated to data providers via FIX

    Software Engineer Intern

    Designed/implemented an Event-Driven architecture with RabbitMQ. The message queue facilitated communication between microservices, such as scheduling with Apache Airflow and logging with ElasticSearch/Grafana.


National University of Singapore

Computer Science (Focus on Parallel Computing)
• Achievements: NUS Merit Scholarship
• Extracurriculars: Media (Video), Basketball, Dance


• Languages: C++, Python, Go, SQL
• Technologies: Docker, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Kubernetes


     | https://bloomburger.xyz  

    Next.js, Bootstrap, Lightweight Charts, React Table

    Web version of the Bloomberg Terminal.